Strategies and services to reduce the tax burden you face.

Our firm can meet all of your personal and business needs for mandatory filings for individuals, corporations, trusts, partnerships, payroll and GST. Going above and beyond the basic tax filing requirements we endeavor to provide solutions to reduce taxes as outlined below.

Annual Reporting

Tax can be a significant expense for your yourself or your company. Each year you are required to file tax returns and this is where a high amount of tax savings are realized.

One of the simplest ways we can reduce your taxes is by ensuring you are claiming all of the expenses you are entitled to when filing your business or personal taxes.

Tax planning

We plan and develop the most tax efficient way to withdraw cash from your company for personal use. Personal use includes things such as: living expenses, car purchases, gifts, vacations, home purchases, weddings, and so on. Proper tax planning also ensures that your investments are done in a tax efficient way. This includes what types of investments to hold personally or in your corporation, and how to reduce their tax cost.


If you are planning to purchase or sell a clinic, business, or other large asset, there are tax efficient ways to complete and structure this transaction.

For example: On a $1,000,000 dental clinic purchase, improper structuring could cost you in excess of $200,000 tax that would have otherwise been avoided. A hybrid purchase transaction that utilizes aspects of both a share and an asset purchase should be undertaken to appease both the seller and buyer while providing the greatest overall benefits.


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